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Chapter 6:



SURYA: "So, you know this other weird old saying?"

Surya asks this to Cecilia as they entered Renfield, a lively city.

CECILIA: "What old saying?"

SURYA: "'The more you travel, the better equipments you find'. Supposedly, as you travel, the shop you check for equipments and items are always better than the previous ones."

CECILIA: "Now that I think about it... yeah, that seems to be the case...."

SURYA: "Hm?"

CECILIA: "What's wrong?"

SURYA: "What's going on over there?"

Surya directs Cecilia's attention to what seems to be a group of three grown men harrassing a hooded person who's smaller than them.

THOMPSON: "Do you think we'll let you get away with hurting our pal?!"

HOODED PERSON: "I don't know what you're talking about!"

The man that was talking points to one of his friend, who seems to be holding his arm, pretending that he's in pain and even exaggerating it.

A Hooded Person Is Being Harrassed.

DICKSON: "Oh crap, it hurts! Bro, I think I need to be hospitalized!!"

HOODED PERSON: "I only bumped into him! It wasn't enough to break his bones or anything like that!"

DICKSON: "Arrrgghh! I think my bones are broken!!"

THOMPSON: "How are you going to compensate for this?!"

The 3rd man amongst the group grabs the hooded person's upper arm.

HAROLD: "You're going to come along with us and we're going to decide how you're going to pay for the damages you've done!"

HOODED PERSON: "AAAAAAAHHHHH!! No!! Let me go!! This is harrasment!! I haven't done anything!!"

CECILIA: "(That's a defensless girl they're harrasing!) Surya!"

SURYA: "Right!"

All of the sudden, the sleeve of the man who grabbed the hooded person caught fire.

HAROLD: "What the?! Gyaaaaahh!! My arm's on fire!!"

DICKSON: "It's that girl with glasses! She casted a fire spell!"

THOMPSON: "You're going to regre-"

Thompson lunges towards Surya but was felled with a single kick in the face by Cecilia.

HAROLD: "You! You dare to-"

Harold gets knocked in the head with Surya's wand before he could do anything to Cecilia.

Cecilia & Surya Comes To The Rescue!

SURYA: "Nice one, Surya."

Cecilia looks at Dickson.

CECILIA: "If you badly want broken bones so much, I can arrange something."

DICKSON: "Gaaaaaahhh!! We'll remember this!!"

Thompson, Dickson & Harold flees from the scene. Surya checks the hooded person.

SURYA: "You alright?"

HOODED PERSON: "I'm fine, thank you.."

CECILIA: "This voice..."


The hooded person removes her hood.

CECILIA: "Ah...!!"

SURYA: "Cecilia you know her...?"

CECILIA: "ELMINA!! What are you doing here?!"

ELMINA: "Cecilia!! It is you!!"

The girl named Elmina jumps towards Cecilia and hugs her tightly.

An Unknown Girl With A Familiar-Looking Outfit...

CECILIA: "Oh, no...."

Cecilia, Surya and Elmina sat together on some benches.

CECILIA: "Elmina... why are you here?"

ELMINA: "Uh.... well..."

SURYA: "Hi, I'm Surya. I'm Cecilia's travelling companion. You seem to know Cecilia, who might you be?"

ELMINA: "Wah! Cecilia's frien- oh, where're my manners? I'm Elmina, I'm Cecilia's sister!"

SURYA: "Really? Cecilia you never told me you have a sister."

CECILIA: "......."

SURYA: "Cecilia... say something."

CECILIA: "What on earth are you doing here?!! Wandering away from home on your own, with no idea how dangerous the outside world is! You were lucky we were around when those thugs were about to take you away!! You can't seem to do anything on your own..."

ELMINA: "That's why I'm here... I wanted to see you... be with you..."

SURYA: "I'm aware that I'm an outsider, but maybe we shouldn't be so harsh on Elmina? She went through a lot to get here just to see you."

CECILA: "..... Elmina, we'll talk about this later."

ELMINA: "Okay..."

SURYA: "Since we've properly introduced each other, why not look for something to eat?"

CECILIA: "Come to think of it, I haven't eaten anything since this morning. Those apples we picked up along the way certainly wasn't filling enough."

ELMINA: "As appreciation..."


ELMINA: "Allow me to buy some bread nearby. Today the restaurants nearby are nearly full, so it might be a good idea for me get something so we can eat right here."

Elmina was about to leave.

SURYA: "I'll go with you."

ELMINA: "It's okay, it's something I can do by myself."

CECILIA: "..."

Cecilia & Surya sits together as they wait for Elmina.

SURYA: "Elmina seems like a caring sister to come all the way just looking for you."

CECILIA: "Half-sister."

SURYA: "Huh?"

CECILIA: "My father had two wives. My late mother and another one I didn't know of who lived far away. One day I found out that she died and is survived by a daughter about my age who came to live with us. Her mother just passed away and everybody was a stranger to her. She's completely overwhelmed with loneliness. Me, being without a mother and close to her in age thought that I should be nice to her. So I started by cheering her up with some flowers."

Flower Girl.

SURYA: "That was nice of you."

CECILIA: "That was probably my first mistake."

SURYA: "Huh?"

CECILIA: "From that day, she clings on to me like glue. She couldn't do anything on her own and is too dependant on me. I've always wanted to tell her off regarding this, but I'm afraid of hurting her feelings."

SUYRA: "This is the first time you've talked to me more about yourself."


SURYA: "I feel like we're becoming closer lately. I've always wanted to talk about myself more but...."

CECILIA: "You know..."

SURYA: "Huh?"

CECILIA: "Don't you think Elmina is taking a little too long...?"

At that moment three large figures looms over the two girls.

DICKSON: "Hello, missed us?"

CECILIA: "So, you've come for the broken bones you've badly desired?"

THOMPSON: "Nah, we've come to send you three an invitation because our boss wants to meet you."

DICKSON: "Oh, but your other friend, she's already with the boss."

SURYA: "!"


HAROLD: "No, no, no. If you dare to lay a finger on us, we can't guarrantee what the boss will do to your little friend."

Thompson, Dickson & Harold are black & blue with cuts and bruises covering their bodies when they brought Cecilia & Surya to a mansion.

THOMPSON: "Thuh Bossh ish inshide."

Thompson points to two large doors.

CECILIA: "Thank you so very, very much for your help! We'll take it from here!"

THOMPSON: "Owh, it wath nuthin..."

Thompson, Dickson & Harold flees as Cecilia kicks the large doors open.

In the room behind the door, Cecilia sees a throne where a middle-aged man sits. Right next to the throne is Elmina, tied up, gagged and kneeling on the floor.

CECILIA: "Elmina!!"

ELMINA: "Mmmmmmpphh!!"

Elmina Captured!

MIDDLE-AGED MAN: "Glad you could make it, I'm Copper. I run this organization."

SURYA: "Organization.... you mean like gangsters?"

COPPER: "Correct. Extortion, slave-trading, the usual thing. I heard from my subordinates that you've been inteffering with our work. This girl here would fetch a high price."

ELMINA: "Mmmmmmmph!"

CECILIA: "Then why the trouble of having us come here?"

COPPER: "You see, there's also a market for female warriors to fight in underground arenas for sport and gambling. I could definitely make a lot of cash off you."

CECILIA: "Let's see you try!"

Cecilia unsheathes her sword.

Copper snaps his fingers, summoning his subordinates.

CECILIA: "Just a bunch of trash. Nothing I can't handle."

Copper takes out a wand.

COPPER: "They're not here to fight you, they're here to take you away."

Copper begins casting a spell.

SURYA: "Watch out!! He's a mage like me!!"

Surya's warning was too late. Before the two girls could react, glowing ropes materialize around their bodies and started wrapping themselves around the girls. They were securely restrained in seconds.

Cecila & Surya Are Captured!

ELMINA: "Mmmmmmph!!!"

COPPER: "You're just too careless. It was nice knowing you two. With such high demands for a gladiator I might be able to get a new master for you soon."

Cecilia struggles and squirms angrily in her bonds.

CECILIA: "You will.... never... get away... with this!! I'll never... ever..!!"

Copper swiftly punches Cecilia in the gut.

Copper Gets A Cheap Shot At Cecilia.


COPPER: "Learn to behave, little girl. You will need to get used to that sin-"


COPPER: "What's... going on with that girl...?"

Elmina bites her gag off like it was spaghetti.


In an instant, Elmina breaks free of her ropes, picks up her dual swords and slashes them at Copper at lightning speed. Elmina merely cuts his wand into two and his clothes to pieces, but the attack was enough to put Copper into a shock. While Copper stands motionless with his eyes wide open and his mouth gaping, Elmina continues beating up his subordinates.

Elmina Goes Berzerk!

SURYA: "Cecilia..."

CECILIA: "Oh, I forgot to mention... Elmina is an heir to the 'Berzerker Genes'."

SURYA: "'Berzerker... Genes'?!"

CECILIA: "Yes. People who inherit the genes are able to unleash tremendous powers, driven by unbound rage. The trigger for that rage varies from one person to another."

SURYA: "So the trigger for her unbound rage is..."

CECILIA: Yes. Whenever someone hurts me. It's all thanks to me giving her flowers on that day... My friends are afraid to go near me when she's around."

SURYA: "Is that another reason why you say it's a 'mistake'?"

CECILIA: "In any case... her rampage will go on for a while.... these ropes are materialized by magic, right? Is there a way to dispell it?"

SURYA: "I'm sorry, but I haven't been memorizing my dispellants.... could you reach into my pocket for my notes...?"

CECILIA: "....."

Cecilia, Surya & Elmina are walking together, looking for a place to stay for the night.

ELMINA: "Cecilia, Surya. I'm so grateful that you came to rescue me. I'm so sorry for being such a burden."

CECILIA: "I know you'd do the same for me."

ELMINA: "But don't you think it's too much to beat up everybody in that mansion?"

Surya & Cecilia whispers to each other.

SURYA: "Uh... Cecilia...?"

CECILIA: "Yes... she doesn't remember what she did..."

ELMINA: "Cecilia, you're looking for the Ancient Relic, right? Everybody back at home has been talking about it. I have some hints regarding it's wherabouts!"

CECILIA: "What? Tell me what you know!!"

SURYA: "Patience, Cecilia... maybe we should look for a place to stay first?"

Far away from the three girls, someone stares at their direction. That person seems to have his eyes on Surya.

????: "Like a shining light piercing through the darkness, she is the jewel I've been looking for... I will make her mine..."